Buyer Testimonial:

"We worked with Dennis DiDominico in the Martone Group. He worked hard, showed us several dozen homes, and looked out for our interests. He steered us away from some that didn't work for us even as we got desperate."

Jeff and Marie


Buyer Testimonial:


I discovered Dennis came through my company referral. I lived in Boston and wanted to relocate to Rhode island. After reading his reviews, I decided to give him a try. Oh Boy!!! that was the best choice ever. He was so helpful to my husband and my self. He met us almost every week at times that were convenient to us. He recommended towns with good school choices for us and we finally settled in Lincoln RI. The whole process was long but he made it easy every step of the way. We are happy with our new home and couldn't more thrilled about his professional outstanding service.

I recommend him highly!!!!!!





The moment Dennis said, "This house is not for you", when walking into a showing, we knew that he truly listened to our specific needs and wants. We really appreciate his interest in our needs as friends rather than as clients. He honestly had our best interest at heart.

-Andujar Family



Dennis DiDomenico reached out to us on line several months ago offering to be our real estate broker for the sole purpose of finding a home. At the time we were window shopping and not ready to engage. Dennis was courteous and read us accurately. He gave us the space we needed to look and research the market on line. He contributed loads of resources to feed our need to do so. Because of this, he was on the forefront to call when the time was right. He is all about the buyer making the right choice for a long term purchase. He still sends us tips about home care, energy conservation, and safety. He expressed to us he especially loves brand new home owners, but these old timers appreciate his expertise as well.

While looking Dennis researched each home for potential hazards and safety issues. He alerted us to what would be unwise choices and why. I do not recall ever handing Dennis the list of what we wanted but when we did see a potential home he strongly urged us not to wait on this one and he was dead on. We are now happily settled in this home. It was just right for us and had things not on my husband's list penned but in his heart.

Throughout the whole process, Dennis was accessible. His quick wit and easy to get along personality always there. He listened for negatives and acceptance of something that really was not in our best interest because he wanted to make sure the investment we made was completely the right choice. Which, we are living in the proof of that today.

We discovered that Dennis would do whatever he needed to make the closing run smoothly as well. If something needed to be done, he offered. When there was a potential snag to delay the closing he alerted. We closed on time and am grateful also for the real estate attorney that he recommended as well. Dennis is all about honesty and integrity and his choices for things being done right reflect this.

So yes, we want to highly recommend Dennis for your real estate needs.

The Goins